Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub is a cloud solution that sits like a layer on top of your channels, departments and software. It can be integrated in many systems, for instance your own CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.


Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub enables you to send relevant messages to customers. Base your content on where they are in their journey and their individual characteristics. ONE helps you to keep the conversation going. For instance: ONE presents callcenter agents with up-to-date customer profiles and next best actions. It can also furnish web pages and mobile apps with personalised content.


• ONE Engagement Hub collects data from omnichannel touchpoints and external systems (like your CRM and CMS) in one place.

• The Insight Engine logs data about who, why and when connects with your brand on each of your channels.

• The Customer Profile combines the insights from real time observations with historical data about behaviour, location and devices.

• The Journey Viewer visualises the interactive journey in real time to provide insight into individual and combined customer journeys.

• Intent Analyzer uses AI to discover patterns in customer behaviour and to build intent-based audiences and predictive models.

• Real-time Decisioning & Orchestration Engine This AI-driven functionality delivers next best actions, offers and conversations to drive customer engagement.

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