IQVIA is a world leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics and expertise to help customers drive healthcare – and human health – forward.Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) connects sales, marketing, medical and other functions to harmonize interactions with customers in a way not possible with legacy point solutions such as CRM and MCM tools. This platform is built on top of best-in-class industry standard platforms such as and Marketing Cloud.  

Key features of OCE Marketing:

• Personalization across channels based on customer preferences
• Orchestration timeline of all key interactions with a customer
• Empowering sales to trigger marketing journeys for customers
• Intuitive user interface that adapts to role and task
• AI-based next-best-action recommendations for customers and campaigns
• Common life sciences data model for seamless integration
• Embedded analytics for your doctor-level dataCloseContact is the only certified partner agency for OCE Marketing in the Netherlands. We are equipped with all necessary skills and resources to provide our current and future clients in the life sciences industry with outstanding service for this platform.