CloseContact presents: Tech Blogs

Our series of blog articles about the more technical side of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Even if you are already working with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you may still have questions about the functionalities available to you. That’s why we have a separate channel for technical blogs and the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud releases on

Recent blog articles:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2021 release

A summary of some of the interesting new features that will be rolled out between January 30 and February 6. Read more here.

How to build an eRFM model

We show you how to use the basic principles of Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value to build a segmentation model based on email data. Read more here.

Einstein recommendations part 2: Scenarios

After the inital setup, it’s time to put Einstein’s brain to work. In this article, we explain its different uses and how to set up the workflow for each scenario.

Einstein Recommendations part 1: Artificial Intelligence in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Behind the Einstein menu item, you will find Marketing Cloud’s built-in AI functionality that helps you find the best product, best offer or most relevant content for your customer or visitor to your website. Based on behaviour (clicks, views and purchases) Salesforce Einstein finds recommendations for individual customers in real time.

In our first CloseContact Tech Blog, we explain what you need to make the most of this component of Marketing Cloud and provide you with a step-by-step guide to the technical set up.

Read the whole article here on


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